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  • Catalina Gardescu

Everything is Figureoutable

I had been following Marie Forleo for a long time when I picked up this book. There are lots and lots of coaches and wannabe gurus out there and it took me a while to recognise that her words mean action. Mostly because there is nothing that she talks about that she has not experienced herself.

What impressed me in the book is realising just how much she has gone through and how hard she has worked to be where she is.

This book is a must have for anyone who wants to master a philosophy that can only help, that everything is indeed figureoutable. It may sound cheesy but when you think about it, it is a philosophy of life that we would be so much better off internalising.

This is in fact a work book, one that goes into very personal territory and pushes you to dig deep and figure out (haha ) what it really is that you want. Not ball park but really specifically - and this is important.

You get to write a lot while reading this book, spend time thinking about yourself and making sure what you are uncovering is the truth and not some makeshift dream that sounds great for marketing. Marie offers some very easy exercises and quick to implement formulas to get this into our bones - which is where it needs to live in order for it to work.

This is not an all talk type of book. It is filled of examples from Marie's life and the lives of people she has met along the way, people who changed the world - theirs and/or ours. There are tens of letters in the book from "regular" folks who tell about how this philosophy helped them moved along in a time when all seemed stuck.