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Tired of looking for someone who can help you sound like ... you?  

Found her! Finally! You can trust me to listen, care and help.

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Do you:

  • sometimes find it hard to put your ideas into words?

  • have a hard time deciding what is essential to communicate?

  • change your mind every five minutes about what is important to showcase about yourself?

  • spend your limited (and valuable) time, feverishly researching best communication methods only to skim through everything you see and find nothing that matches?

  • hear from communication consultants who don't stop to listen to who you are but are quick to push their "fix it all"plan?

Here are ways in which I can help you communicate better.

And these aren't even all of them.  Just a few, to get you thinking... 

Your job is to share your talent, mine is to pave your way. 


Our sessions together will:

- improve your presentations and social media pages

build your public profile and get that scary advertising going

- provide support  in the form of website and social media contentnewsletters and emails to customers,

No more hours-long, boring meetings! Replace them with inspiring, hands-on workshops.


Our sessions together will: 

- help narrow down the outcome you want to see in the meetings

- support you in designing a meeting or a workshop that leaves people wishing for more instead of constantly watching the clock.

You take care of your business, I paint the picture of your crisis or explain the change.


Our sessions together will: 

- brainstorm around the change you are looking to make or the crisis that has just hit

- devise the best ways in which to communicate with your audiences in ways that not only will not harm your business but will save the situation.


Each session is 120 minutes and can take place at your office or via Skype.   

The first 120 minutes are free and they include:

- getting to know each other

- outlining problem

- outlining desired outcome

- Q & A session

The number of sessions I am able to do is limited so reserve your session right away.

Before we shake on it ... let's get some things straight

Do you get your money back  if you  don't get your desired outcome?

We will come back to the drawing board and see what happened.  If there is clear evidence that the communication means were faulty and this affected the outcome the money comes back to you.  Guaranteed!

What if you don't like what I am proposing?

Then, by all means, tell me so. Our work together is not about who is right or wrong, it is about how you can best be represented. It is very much a cooperation, not a monologue.  It is important however that you give me specific feedback: "I don't really like it" won't take us too far.

So, how does this work? Do you just hand everything over to me?

Remember that the ideas and the work are yours. I just pave the way.  I may be giving you direction and highlight the important aspects of your work but you continue to be the one to provide it.

Ok, so, what is a reasonable time frame for a project?

It really depends on what we are working on: while we can put together a successful newsletter in one session, it may take up to ten to design a workshop or a campaign.